08. July 2011


Total Commander - Clipboard to File

Save Images and Text from the Windows Clipboard

directly to your current TC-directory!


This Program is freeware, it will have bugs!

Use is on your own risk!


Clip-Save.exe 0.6: Download

(< 60 KB)

The file is exe-compressed (upx) - If your Anti-Virus blocks it, unpack the exe with upx or press the Ignore-Button in your Anti-Virus Program.


How to:

TC-Shortcut integration: german screens

TC-Buttonbar integration: german screens


Save Screenshots:


Save Clipboard Text:


Save Links:

(Save to .url file)



Vers. 0.6:

Layout change, Add to Context Menu option

Vers. 0.4:

File-Handling (Paste Files & Directories), JPEG-Zoom, URL-Detection (.URL-Save), Lots of small changes

Vers.0.3 (First public Version)

Saving Jpeg and Txt-file format (format autodetection), batch mode, timestamps


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